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Sentenced to Jail for Mortgage Fraud

Sentenced to Jail for Mortgage Fraud is all to common over the last 5-10 years. What is this White Collar Crime that seems all to common in the news today? the Department of Justice website is

Released from Jail for Mortgage Fraud

Being released from jail for Mortgage Fraud can be a very scary thing for someone. You probably lost any professional license that you might have had, your friends might be making nasty assumptions about you, your neighbors

Commits Mortgage Fraud

Who Commits Mortgage Fraud? Business people, Husbands, Mothers, Young Adults, Politicians and most all other positions in our communities. has launched to educate the masses on what fraud is and gives the community an outlet

Plead to Mortgage Fraud

What does Plead to Mortgage Fraud mean? Pleading to something means- a formal statement of the cause of an action or defense. In legal circles it means that you admitted to a crime and a statement of

Arrested for Mortgage Fraud

Arrested for Mortgage Fraud is becoming a common headline now a days. But, Why? The DOJ or Department of Justice has been hard a work trying to clean up the aftermath of the MORTGAGE MELTDOWN! Due to