Released from Jail for Mortgage Fraud by Bruno Skoczynski

Released from Jail for Mortgage Fraud

Being released from jail for Mortgage Fraud can be a very scary thing for someone. You probably lost any professional license that you might have had, your friends might be making nasty assumptions about you, your neighbors are all judging you and the business community is probably very Leary of your business practices. Let’s be honest you can not blame them but on the other hand it is not like you killed someone. the best thing you can do is face each every one in your community and let them know that you made a big mistake that you are happy that you got the opportunity to learn. Nobody is perfect and I bet that most people have mis-represented (Fraud) something on some federal document like their Taxes, Food stamps, Student Loan, Mortgage or other numerous applications with out second thought. So, one could count on if the last 10 years of their life was under a microscope that they might have been a resident in a state or federal jail thinking of how they could have been more careful on a federal application. Then they would be getting released from jail form mortgage fraud. By Bruno Skoczynski