Plead to Mortgage Fraud-Bruno Skoczynski

Arrested for Mortgage Fraud

Arrested for Mortgage Fraud is becoming a common headline now a days. But, Why? The DOJ or Department of Justice has been hard a work trying to clean up the aftermath of the MORTGAGE MELTDOWN! Due to Greedy Wall Street tycoons creating mortgage NO-SENSE mortgage loans and large banks following the herd. America has experienced a Mortgage Fraud Frenzy that was taken all the way back to “The bank”, literally. Now, all of the tax payers are picking up the pieces in the way of a Sluggish economy, No credit for growth and the Highest Unemployment Rate since the GREAT Depression. So, now you know how the mortgage fraud epidemic started but why do you see Arrested For Mortgage fraud so commonly in the news. Arrested for Mortgage fraud is seen so often because lender representatives ADVISED borrowers to mis-represent(commit fraud) on their loan applications so that they could make more money. No one is sure how blatant the Conspiracy was but not many in the industry could deny it’s presence.  The next time you see Arrested for mortgage fraud in the headlines think if you have Misrepresented something as simple as how much you make, your occupancy type or the amount of value you gave to your household assets or you could find yourself in big trouble with the DOJ… Written By: Bruno Skoczynski