Sentenced to jail for Mortgage Fraud by Bruno Skoczynski

Sentenced to Jail for Mortgage Fraud

Sentenced to Jail for Mortgage Fraud is all to common over the last 5-10 years. What is this White Collar Crime that seems all to common in the news today? the Department of Justice website is a great resource to research what is interesting to the government and what they are targeting as criminal activity. Some fraudsters have made a life out of lying, cheating and stealing from everyone. Although, Some legitimate business people are stating that they were just trying to make a living and got caught in a situation where aggressive business mixed with a broken financial markets turned into a disastrous recipe. Be careful of all business situations where a misrepresentation on a document or some might call an exaggeration might get YOU Sentenced to Mortgage fraud and you wind up on the front page of your local newspaper. By Bruno Skoczynski