Plead to Mortgage Fraud-Bruno Skoczynski

Plead to Mortgage Fraud

What does Plead to Mortgage Fraud mean? Pleading to something means- a formal statement of the cause of an action or defense. In legal circles it means that you admitted to a crime and a statement of facts. A lot of times you will read about these pleadings in federal jurisdiction cases due to the fact that going to trial could result in a loss by the prosecution. So, in the essence of time, money and risk the defendant will plead to a quick guilty plea then possibly face a heavier sentence. Typically, the defendant will get a reduced sentence of some kind to plead rather then go to trial. So, I plead could be due to social, emotional, financial but defiantly legal pressure. So, I plead can easily lead to a 6 X 6 jail cell at your Club Fed Resort. By Bruno Skoczynski